BlackArmor Discovery

BlackArmor Discovery 1.40

The BlackArmor Discovery Software, will locate (discover) Seagate NAS devices
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1.40.1041 (See all)

BlackArmor Discovery automatically finds Seagate Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers on your local network.
From the BlackArmor Discovery window, you can:
- View a list of BlackArmor NAS servers on your local network.
- View and access a list of shared folders (or shares) on a selected server.
- Make a share easy to access by mapping it as a network drive on your computer (for example, as the Z: drive).
- Open BlackArmor Manager to set up, modify, or monitor a server.
- Open BlackArmor Backup to begin a backup of the files on your computer.
- Register a server.
- Access Seagate Support online.

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